Campground Rules

Please find one of our Committee Members if you have any questions or needs. Just look for the people with HOST T-shirts.

We have some very important rules, most of which are set by the campground owners. We are required to follow these to insure that we maintain access to this beautiful space & we appreciate your cooperation! If you see someone doing something that could jeopardize our standing with the facility, please remind them of these rules or let one of our Committee members know, (look for the HOST T-shirt).

1. FIRE DANGER: There is a very high risk of fire danger here. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the campground - except for the fire pit. Please put every single cigarette butt in the fire pit. Please keep the fire at a reasonable size and do not start fires anywhere else. You may not cook anywhere in the campground, absolutely NO CAMPING STOVES. If you have special dietary restrictions, please email us before you register. We will do absolutely everything in our power to make sure you can enjoy this campground with us! 

2. SMOKING: Smoking is ONLY permitted at the fire pit. There will be absolutely NO smoking at the fire-pit or surrounding the fire pit 10 minutes before, during, or 10 minutes after any AA Meeting. Please be respectful of non-smokers wishing to attend a meeting. There are only 3 planned campfire meetings for this campout: Friday-  9:50pm- 11:10pm, Saturday- 6:50am - 8:10am, and 9:50pm- 11:10pm. We understand this means that for those periods of time there will be no smoking permitted anywhere at the campout. We are currently doing our best to negotiate other arrangements with the venue, however if this is an issue with your attendance, we ask that you wait to register and check back here for updates until it is resolved. 

3. MINORS: Minors must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian over the age of 18 AT ALL TIMES. It is important for their safety + for the enjoyment of our other attendees. When you register at the front gate, you will check in all minors that are accompanying you. Children under the age of 12 can attend at no additional cost, but they must be included in the count when you register.  If minors are using the playground by the RV sites they must be accompanied by an adult. No kids under the age of 14 are allowed at the river without their parent guardian. There are dangers at this campground just like any other camping adventure. **Please be aware of safety and read our Safety Statement**

4. DOGS: Non-aggressive dogs are welcome but supervision is always required. They MUST BE LEASHED in all populated areas. They are not allowed in the food areas or meeting hall.  All dogs in attendance should be 100% non-aggressive. These are rules designated by the campground & your cooperation ensures we get to come back next year!

5. GATE: The main gate MUST remain closed at all times. If you leave make sure to close the gate behind you.

6. BEARS: There are bears around here and they WILL come into the campground if they think they can get some food! Please do not keep food in your cabin or leave any food outside. Keep all food in the kitchen - put all food waste in the locked bins behind the kitchen.

7. SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES: We really need a LOT of help to put this thing on! This is YOUR camp-out. Please sign up for an open slot on our Volunteer Clipboard at check-in. We will also have a sign-up sheet located at the Coffee Shack after check-ins. Look for our Volunteer Chair throughout the camp-out for opportunities to be of service!

8. PHONE SERVICE: There is cell service for most people just past the main entrance gate. There is a campground satellite phone for EMERGENCIES ONLY located in the kitchen - be advised that it costs per minute.

9. CLEAN-UP: Please do not leave litter anywhere! If you see any trash please pick it up. Please help us clean up on Sunday before you leave. (We really want to be able to come back to this campground).

10. CHECK-OUT: Check-out time is Sunday at 11am. Clean-up will be from 11am-2pm.

11. POISON OAK/TICKS: Remember to look out for poison oak and check for ticks regularly.