Welcome & Welcome back. 

Are you wondering what to expect once you arrive at the Blueslide Campground? 

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Unplug from the digital world. 

Once you check-in and pass through the front gate, you will loose all cellular and internet reception. The drive down the dirt road is long and bumpy, so once you reach the campground you won't likely want to drive back to get reception.

We hope you take this opportunity to unplug and be present. Enjoy the company of your friends and get to know members of the fellowship that you haven't had the opportunity to connect with yet. 

In the event of an emergency, there is a landline in the campground kitchen. We also have a Registered Nurse on-site for the duration of the camp-out. 

Enjoy good food & good company. 

This camp-out is well know for awesome food, mellow vibes and a lot of down time. Our focus is on fellowship and we strive to provide time and opportunity for members of A.A. to get to know each other.

We break bread together, we make s'mores together, we read and talk about the Big Book, we play outdoor games, we meditate, we enjoy and swim down by the river, we have A.A. meetings, we sit around never-ending campfires, we go on night-hikes, we marvel at the surrounding nature, we appreciate and share our journey of recovery with each other. 


This camp-out is primarily for tent camping or car camping. There is plenty of open ground and wide open spaces to find a secluded spot to yourself or to create a group next to your friends.

Due to fire safety concerns, there are no camp fires or camp stoves allowed at campsites. If you need special accommodations for dietary restrictions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If you want to bring your trailer or RV, you will need to contact the venue directly. They are in charge of all reservations. The RV section of the campground is somewhat separated from where we host the camp-out, and it is full of guests that are not in our Fellowship. We ask that you be respectful of this. 


There are a limited number of cabins available, each has two twin-size bunk beds to sleep a total of 4 people each. Bedding and pillows are not included, so you will need to bring your own. 

If your group would like to reserve a cabin, you must send us an email with the names of the 4 members that will be staying with you and they must all be pre-registered. We will not hold any cabins if you are not in a group of 4 or if you have not already registered. 

A few remaining cabins will be kept open for a first-come-first serve basis so that campers that do not have tents or beds are still able to attend. 

If you need special accommodations please email us.  Elders and those with disabilities will receive top priority. 


At the campground there are full restroom facilities with hot showers.  We keep coffee brewed from 6 am - 11 pm. We offer other snacks for sale in the snack shack during posted hours. 


The river is a short walk away. We will provide outdoor balls for the basketball court, volleyball court, and the kickball field. There is a playground for the kids, but they must be supervised by parents or guardians at all times if used. There will almost always be a campfire roaring. On Saturday night we roast s'mores and have hot chocolate.  There will be an Arts + Crafts table during designated hours. All other activities will be noted on the Schedule of Events. 


There will be a variety of A.A. Meetings throughout the weekend. There will be a main speaker meeting each night in the main meeting hall, a late-night campfire meeting every night at the fire-pit, an early-bird morning meeting, a meditation meeting, a river meeting, and a big book study. We often offer an Al-anon meeting for the family members in attendance on Saturday. For more details see the Schedule of Events. 


Friday Check-in: Please arrive between 12:00pm and 5:00pm in order to get through registration before dinner is served. 

Saturday Check-in: Arrive anytime after 10:00 am. 

You will be greeted at the front gate and given the most up-to-date schedule of events & campground rules. You will also have a chance to sign-up for any unfilled service spots.